B&W version of a scenery thing I did for my uni club’s zine a while back

Just dumping more old and new stuff











lets play a game

open up ms paint or w/e drawing thing u got and draw pikachu with your eyes closed as fast as you can

and post it











Hello new followers (assuming y’all from smash) this blog iS REALLY ????? In terms of what fandoms I post???? I just dump shit here and run away lmao (you can talk to me on twitter though and we can be good chums)


hello friends!! thank you for coming to see me at SMASH! this weekend! it was exhausting (i actually… fell asleep behind the table on saturday… HAHA) but a lot of fun *v* the above is our table minus poor puilla bc she was sick on sunday… i’ll probably be putting leftovers up on storenvy very soon!!

also, you can catch me again at sydneigh at the redfern technology park this september, check the website for more details!

HUGE THANK YOU TO TSRME FOR SELLING MERCH IN MY STEAD FOR ME ON SUNDAY!!! And giving me a lot of advice on selling at cons pre-SMASH too!

Thank you for supporting me, those who came over to my table m(_ _)m Although today was really bad timing for a fever, I still had tons of fun overall!!


ok this is coming a little late but I set up my table today so!!

THIS WEEKEND I WILL BE AT SMASH! WITH PUILLA AT ROSEHILL GARDENS! Amongst the items listed above I will also be selling charms and stickers — some at really low prices*~*~

also, pony fans, if you come to my table and tell me the password STAR SWIRL THE BEARDED”, you can grab a big MLP poster print for $5!!!! my posters are $15/each so this is a ten dollar discount wowee

(keep in mind that the above applies for A SINGLE PRINT. if you decide to participate in the 3 for $30 poster deal i usually have, the code doesn’t affect that discount.)

hope to see you there!! please talk to me about how to train your dragon and haikyuu… i’ll be posting updates on my twitter all day so feel free to tweet me too *v*

My table buddy everyone!!


Samples of bookmarks I will have available on my table

I’ve been wanting to make something Haikyuu! related for like 3 days and now I am living my dream god bless my table is complete

Bye guys, I’m just gonna draw in the MS Word Clip Art style from now on and my whole table’s just gonna be rainbow comic sans and lame jokes.

Scrapped notebook design for Ponyo since the printer made the colours bleed in with each other…

I had to design the element Bromine… hence… bro…

*chucks sketches at blog*

A preview of the P4 stickers I will be selling at my table at SMASH!